In a Vase on Monday… on Thursday


I picked, plonked and photographed these flowers on Monday, fully intending to join in with Cathy’s Monday vases, but the week has run away with me and suddenly it’s Thursday. School finishes for the summer tomorrow but my uni-student son is working shifts for P&O throughout the holidays and my other son has a part-time kitchen porter job at the local pub/restaurant on the beach – both are torn between being completely outraged at the loss of seemingly endless summer days of free time and very happy at the thought of the money. Managing one’s time is a life lesson that may well be taken on board by them both in the next couple of months 🙂

We don’t have a summer holiday booked this year, partly because of working children and partly because we’re spending our money on renovating the ‘sunroom’. We may have a few days away over the August bank holiday and there is a family gathering in Suffolk at the very end of the holidays to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 80th(!) birthday, so we will get away at some point. Getting away is important, don’t you think? Even though we live by the sea and people come here on their holidays, a change of scene always perks me up.

Anyway, back to the flowers… I surprised myself by picking a very romantic pastel-coloured handful of blooms. We do have plenty of hot colours going on out in the garden but the purples and pinks are looking particularly lovely at the moment. In the blue spotty jug are:
Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’
Verbena rigida
white scabious (a giant one) and pale purple scabious
a pale pink Achillea
a small pink rose (unknown variety) which has started to bloom away after years of looking sickly following a bit of tlc
a couple of pink pinks (Dianthus)
a pink Penstemon
a spire of Perovskia ‘Blue Spire’
and some blue salvia (which I think is ‘Azure Snow’).

Here it is in the soon-to-be-renovated-if-the-builders-turn-up-and-get-on-with-it sunroom:

I know it’s not quite the end of the week (nearly there) but I am so looking forward to the weekend – we have dinner with friends, my daughter’s end-of-year dance show and some gardening planned, plus my mother-in-law is coming to stay and she is always a tonic. I hope you have a good one, whatever your plans. Bye for now.

9 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday… on Thursday

  1. How lovely you say your mil is a tonic I would love my daughter’s in law to be able to say that. Lovely flowers.
    Lynn (aka seekingoutthegoodstuff on Insta)


  2. Pretty flowers. I surprised myself by putting some pale lemon and mauve flowers in a jug the other day and thinking how nice they looked. Not my normal colour palette! Then I panicked that it was a sign I was suddenly old and before I knew it the whole house would be lemon and mauve. Then I told myself to shut up and get a grip. It’s been like that around here this week. Well done to your working children, this is impressive stuff, I hope it all goes well. I shall look forward to seeing your sunroom (if you share), but hope it’s quickly and smooth anyway. Have a good weekend. CJ xx


  3. Good to see your fase whether it is Monday or not – as you say, it has a nice selection of pasteks, most of which I have not successfully grown myself… strange how some supposedly easy plants prove hard to establish sometimes. It us always interesting to hear about your family goings-on which inevitably make me realise just how long it is since we had family at home for wider goings-on ourselves… 😉


  4. We haven’t managed to plan a vacation either and I’m not sure we will. Maybe a couple of long weekends, We’re thinking of driving to Detroit and/or St. Louis. Judy is transitioning from full time director to half-time consultant at her job, and preparations are time-consuming. I like to travel, but I also like to be able to stay home and fuss with the garden.


  5. Every time I read your blog I’m inspired to look afresh at my struggling, overgrown garden and to find some flowers that I can bring together and give the impression that it’s actually a productive, floriferous haven! Love the summer job reaction from your boys – it’s hilarious when the realisation hits our children that work = not having all the time in the world to do what you want. No holiday for us this year – big house renovations start next month and we’ve just had the quote in from the kitchen people which looks like no holidays next year either! But lots of lovely staycation meandering round about.

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