In a Vase on Monday : dahlia goals

A short post today to join in with Cathy’s Monday vases.

It’s my birthday today and, oh, what a scorcher of a day. In years gone by, it has rained and hailed and even snowed (yes, really), but not today. Today it has been the most glorious blue sky, hot sunshine, late summer sort of day.

These flowers were on the breakfast table this morning – dahlias and nasturtiums; a sunny late summer bunch from our few dahlia plants in pots and self-sown nasturtiums (from last year’s plants). David and I visited Goodnestone Park Gardens this afternoon where they have a massive sweet-shop-style patch of dahlias of all sizes and colours. I remember a time when they were considered ‘old-lady’ plants and were out of fashion but I’ve always had a soft spot for the perfect pom-poms that are a wonder of nature. We wandered about from shady patch to shady patch, eating ice cream (honeycomb – yum) and made plans to dig up an area in the garden to plant more dahlias next year.

A quick swim in the sea, then we’re all off out for dinner this evening, so I must get a move on. Hope you’ve had a lovely day and that the weather has been wonderful for you, too.

15 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday : dahlia goals

  1. An August birthday – all those years at school with a birthday that was always in the school holidays, how wonderful! Happy Birthday Sam! Do we assume someone else had prepared the vase for your birthday breakfast – now that is a lovely thought, and how pretty it is. I am glad you have had a lovely day and trust it was topped off by a delightful meal


  2. Happy Birthday Sam! I ordered the beautiful summer weather just for you 🙂

    Love your dahlia poise, it is very sweet. Dahlias and I don’t get on. They even fail me when the snails don’t get them! I hope you had a wonderful meal out. x


  3. Belated Happy Birthday! Dahlias, and time with family and a swim followed by a delicious meal sound like a great way to celebrate. Glad the weather is favourable, if a bit too warm.


  4. Wow! Nasturtiums! They don’t look feral yet. It seems that some of the many varieties that are now available stay true to type longer than others. My common ‘Jewel’s Mix’ revert pretty quickly, but I don’t care. Feral orange and yellow are just as excellent.


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