In a Vase on Monday: an excuse to say hello

Hello! How are you keeping? I’ve been working long, full days and have been struck dumb by the current state of everything which has not been conducive to writing regular blog posts at all, so it’s been a while since I’ve had the time or the words to pop in here. But, it’s a Monday and I picked a few flowers and snapped some photos with my phone, plus I have a few hours off, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to pop my head around the door, so to speak.

It’s been incredibly grey, chilly and wet here for days but this weekend was mostly sunny (such a tonic) and we made the most of the weather by sanding, priming/undercoating and painting our wooden balcony railings. Not a particularly pleasurable job but it needed doing and the extra coats should see it through another year or two. I did find time to have a wander around the (sadly very neglected of late) garden and was chuffed to find a few dahlias still blooming. These poor dahlias are in pots and do not receive the care and attention they need at all. I deadhead them when I remember but the watering and feeding are sporadic so the fact that they are still kind enough to reward us with a few flowers is surprising! I’m always envious of people who can grow enormous, free-flowering dahlias – Instagram is full of them. Our chalky soil isn’t the best for them and I think we’d need much bigger pots for them to grow bigger, which would require more work. One day…

Joining the dahlia flowers in the jug are a few blue/purple geraniums from a plant that is still flowering away, some white Japanese anemones (an autumn stalwart here) and some chard. Yes, our chard has bolted and I thought the lovely deep red leaves and stems would work in a vase. It’s a bit of a dog’s dinner, to be honest, but, hey, it’s a jug of flowers and an excuse to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her Monday vase gathering 🙂 Do click on the link to see her vase today and others from around the world who will have made a much better job of it than I have.

In other news… Elder son, in his third year at uni, has had a Covid test after coming into close contact with someone who tested positive. He is relieved that it was negative and is making the most of his limited freedom and now being cautious/sensible. Younger son, in his first year at uni, has had a Covid test because many of his fellow students in his halls of residence have it. He is waiting to hear and trying to keep cheerful with his fellow newbie student flat-mates. He has been doing proper cooking and sending us photos of his meals, which warms my heart. Our daughter is slowly getting used to being the only child at home but is unimpressed by my efforts to alter our eating habits to include a lot more vegetables. Spinach with everything. She reckons her brothers wouldn’t stand for it.

Right, I’m off to dig up the last of the potatoes, pick the few remaining tomatoes and clear the bolted lettuce and chard. I plan to sow some winter veg next weekend so my daughter will have more greens to moan about 🙂 Wishing you a very good week and hope to be back again soon.

9 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: an excuse to say hello

  1. Bolted lettuce is great in soups, along with a few other things..whizzed in at the end! You can blame it on me, if dear daughter doesn’t like it. So nice for you to say hello, and a peep through the window at the sea scape is a bonus. Take care.


  2. It’s always good to hear from you Sam. It must nerve wracking sending your sons out into the wild world of who-knows-where-the-covid-will-strike-next. But they must be enjoying spreading their wings a little after all the lock-down time. Are you having a big increase in cases or are things pretty stable? We have our seat belts cinched tight and plenty of wine on hand to try to make it through the next weeks until our election. Exhausting.


  3. Sometimes dahlias can be quite forgiving, Sam – glad to know they are still giving you some flowers to brighten your work-filled days! Japanese anemones, however thuggish they are, are great in a vase, so graceful too, with or without their petals. Good to hear your sons are surviving their respective restrictions – what a baptism for your newbie student though… ps you don’t need any excuses to join us, Sam!


  4. It’s good to see you pop up with a vase and an update, Sam. It’s hard enough to face the virus for oneself and all the more difficult to monitor the threat to loved ones from afar. Best wishes to all!


  5. I sympathize with you on working the long, full days. Today is a holiday in Canada and I’m reveling in not being at school. Your bouquet is a pretty one, and at this time of year we take whatever the garden gives us! Have a great rest of the week.


  6. I too grow dahlias in pots. This year they have done better than other years…who knows why :). Never thought to put geranium flowers in a vase, will give them a go. Good luck to your sons in this mad covid world. I look forward to hearing what winter veg you decide to plant. I’ve only put in spinach so far. B x


  7. Well done on having a son who cooks proper meals, this is definitely something I aspire to. I know exactly what you mean about being struck dumb about the current state of affairs. It is the same here. I hardly know what to write. Lovely flowers, not much at all here, although I do have a handful of big dahlias but I have a feeling they are inhabited by small snails and earwigs, so I am leaving them in the garden at the moment. Good to know that you have a few hours break. CJ xx


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