It has been such a long winter that the sight of fruit blossom feels like a deliciously cool glass of water on a baking-hot day. This small cherry tree in my mother-in-law’s garden is such a pretty sight, covered in just enough pale pink blossom to be absolutely beautiful rather than blowsy. We had a flying visit to Norfolk for a couple of days this week to see David’s mum and help to get her garden ready for the growing season ahead. After all the gardening she’s done for us over the years, we wanted to repay some of her kindness and do as many of the heavy and physically demanding jobs for her as we could. We chopped, sawed, lopped, dug and planted, and it was wonderful to be outside in the spring sunshine. There have been precious few days so far this year when we’ve been able to be outside for any length of time, let alone get very much done, so it was a great feeling. We drove home rather tired but pleased that we’d prevented the possibility of her trying to climb ladders to chop branches (which has been known!).

Back home, the boys (they didn’t come with us) are busy revising for their important exams in May/June. Well, I say they’re busy revising but there is mostly going to bed late and getting up late, eating Everything In The House and quite a bit of other displacement activity. The sound of guitar strumming drifts from both of their rooms at frequent intervals but I suppose that’s a great way to relax your brain in between re-reading Jekyll and Hyde for English Literature or trying to get to grips with social influence in Psychology. I’ve been super-busy with editing work, so the three of us are getting through a lot of coffee and Easter chocolate!

To add to all the excitement, it was our Village Spring Show today. In an attempt to keep my stress levels below danger point, I only entered some daffs (came second), muscari (again, second) and a badly printed photo (nada). Baking maestro, David, entered a Brioche Loaf (and won; see below) and my daughter entered an Apple Pie, coming joint first with the other entry in that class. (A photo of her delicious pie is on my Instagram account.)

One of the perks of being on the Gardener’s Association committee is that you get to do all  the clearing up afterwards, which means that you can rescue any left-behind flowers. These beauties were mostly not grown by me!

We’re getting up early tomorrow to drive to Great Dixter’s Spring Plant Fair. I can’t wait – I have cash in my pocket and a mind full of spring gardening thoughts. If that wasn’t enough, we have more of David’s baking for dinner – garlic and olive rolls – to go with spaghetti Bolognese (cooked by me, I hasten to add). My heart and my tummy will be full.

Wishing you a lovely rest of the weekend.