The wildflowers here on the chalk clifftops are absolutely breathtaking at the moment; they have been looking beautiful for a while but seem to have reached a peak this week. I find myself dawdling while the dog goes on ahead;  she occasionally looks back to make sure I’m still in range. I’m too busy looking at the little yellow vetches and rough hawkbit; the bright-pink pyramidal orchids (there’s a patch of about 30 in long grass on the sea-side of the cliff path); the delicate, lilac-coloured field scabious; the thistly purple knapweed… And there are many plants that I am unable to identify which frustrates me – I must get a good wildflower book. Whatever they are, they all blend together to create a wonderful natural tapestry.

IMG_7582IMG_7560IMG_7587These pictures were taken with my phone camera and aren’t amazing quality, I’m afraid. Taking photos with my DSLR while walking the dog, having to juggle dog lead and poo bags, is rather too high-risk for my liking. I’m looking into getting a decent compact camera that will fit into my pocket and that I can operate with one hand on dog walks!