In a Vase on Monday

IMG_0573IMG_0556IMG_0566IMG_0565IMG_0562IMG_0568Joining in with Cathy’s popular weekly gathering of vases from around the world.

David and I bought the blue-grey jug, together with a smaller one, a couple of mugs and a large bowl, all in the same style and colour, from a small pottery off the beaten track in North Devon about 20 years ago. Sadly, we can’t remember the name of the pottery or exactly where it was but we’re very fond of the pieces. It contains:
Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Album’ (rock cranesbill)
feathery Achillea millefolium (common yarrow) leaves
a few snips of a lovely little, lime-green euphorbia (unknown variety)
some chive flowers from a large clump looking lovely at the moment
Nigella buds and foliage for added texture

Our lilac bush is almost at its peak and will be wafting its glorious scent all over the back garden any moment now. It arches over the path to the gate and a few of the lower branches get in the way of the taller members of our family. I cut a couple of the lower, straggly ones this morning to use the blooms in my Monday vase but decided instead to give them a vase all of their own.


Have a good week.