Into the blue

Ladybird on bluebell photo courtesy of my daughter ūüôā

No, this is not a comment on the local election results. This blog will be a politics-free zone for the next five weeks (and possibly longer).¬†It’s just Too Much (if I hear ‘strong and stable’¬†again I might have to throw the radio into the sea)…

Hey, how about some lovely bluebells instead?! These photographs are from last Saturday and a¬†walk in a nearby ancient wood. It is full of bluebells at this time of year (and people¬†doing the obligatory ‘in among the bluebells’ photoshoots). We were lucky with the weather and¬†we almost had the woods to ourselves to¬†soak up¬†the atmosphere. There is nothing quite like it ‚Äď dappled sunlight through the trees onto a sea¬†of blue (purple) flowers, rich birdsong, woodpeckers drumming, bees¬†buzzing, the sweet scent of the flowers… We took deep breaths and heaved deep, happy sighs¬†‚Äď it was wonderful.

I drove over to East Grinstead yesterday evening to hear Steve Biddulph (of the books ‘Raising Boys’, ‘Raising Girls’, and ‘The Complete Secrets of Happy Children’ fame) give a talk about girls’ mental health and raising daughters well. It was pretty powerful stuff. It seems that since companies started marketing to¬†girls as young as 8 years old, there has been an increase in girls suffering from anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm and so on. Of course, there are many other factors and it’s not nearly so simple but¬†his assertion¬†is¬†that ‘the media’ (advertising, music videos, tv shows, films) teaches girls that looks are their most important aspect, that their body will never be good enough, that sex is something to be¬†traded for belonging and/or power and other depressing stuff.

He wanted us to leave the theatre angry (in a good way), to be fired up, a vanguard for the third wave of feminism and he did a pretty good job! He’s written a book (of course) called ’10 Things Girls Need Most’ to help parents help their daughters and it has some hugely sound suggestions. I’m not going to¬†give you a full review as I haven’t finished reading it¬†but if you have a daughter, it’s definitely worth a look.

Do you have exciting weekend plans? I hope it’s going to be fairly quiet here¬†as¬†I’ve got a load of seedlings to pot on and some more seeds to sow, and more digging to prepare another area for planting. It’s seven weeks (seven weeks!) until the village Garden Safari. Yikes.

Have a good one.