Catching up and talking to the wall

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I must start by thanking you for your kind and supportive comments about Agnes. It feels as though it/she(!) has taken over my life recently and there’s no sign of a let-up. I naively thought that once we published the website, I’d have time to get back to other aspects of my life but I had no idea how time-consuming it would be trying to get it noticed. It feels as though we are talking to a huge, impenetrable wall. I don’t think either of us realised how difficult it would be to get publicity and we are feeling a tad despondent. After all, what’s the point of creating a fabulous resource for teenage girls if they don’t get to hear about it or find it. I know; it’s only been a week… (Impatient and naive!) I’m not going to bore you with tales of us trying to decipher the dark art of search engine optimisation and Google indexing, or our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and emailing exploits but let’s just say that it can lead to serious overload and slight mania. So, as soon as I’ve hit the button on this post, I’m shutting my laptop, stepping away from the stats and the mad world of social media and taking some much-needed time out for the rest of the weekend.

There are very few photos to show you due to a battery malfunction (I forgot to charge my phone and my camera battery…) and the fact that I haven’t stopped to properly look at much for a while. The photos of the gloriously frosty winter-wonderland that appeared here last Monday are from a friend’s phone. We don’t often get a hard frost here so close to the sea and it was a rare treat to see the land gilded with ice. The dogs loved it, sniffing furiously and running about. It was also slightly misty which added more ethereal atmosphere to our walk. I’m hoping that the deep cold has also worked its magic in the garden, killing off any nasties. There are so many plants that have survived past winters – including geraniums that have been going strong for three years – that I don’t mind some frost damage. I much prefer this proper winter weather, bone-cold and icy, to the mild, wet and windy winters of recent years.

There have been some other big things going on here recently. My middle son has been off school for the past three weeks with glandular fever. At one point I was seriously worried it was something dreadful but thankfully it’s not, although glandular fever can be pretty debilitating nonetheless. He’s spending most of his time in bed and I’m doing my best Florence Nightingale. You’d think that, and the fact that he hasn’t seen his girlfriend for weeks, would be enough to encourage him to get up, so he must be feeling rough, poor thing.

It was David’s birthday on Thursday and he was home a day early which was lovely. We had a special birthday dinner and cake (Nigella’s Birthday Cake – the favourite in our house). Again, I have no photos. We’re going to see La La Land this afternoon, then to a friend’s party this evening so it’s a weekend of good things.

I’m not going to say much about what’s going on in the wider world but my son has just told me that the new president has made his inauguration day a ‘National Day of Patriotic Devotion’. Seriously?! Have you seen the Bad Lip Reading version of the inauguration? It’s hilarious. Find it on the internet if you haven’t seen it and want a giggle.

Have a lovely weekend x