In a Vase on Monday: winter wonder

Having temporarily lost the use of my right hand/arm, I’m adjusting to a much slower pace. The simplest of tasks that you wouldn’t give a second thought to with two fully working hands are much harder and take much longer and it’s hard not feel permanently irritated and frustrated! Determined to start the week off on a positive note and to have a productive day, I went into the garden with my secateurs, carefully snipped one stem of hellebore (winter rose) from a healthy clump growing by the path, put the secateurs down, retrieved the flower stem, picked up the secateurs without squishing the flower… (you get the point!).

I can’t use my  camera at the moment because the controls are on the right (how do left-handed people manage?!) so these pics are from my phone. They are grainy but nevertheless show the beautiful blushing on the petals, the delicate veining and the intricate flower centres. This little vase of winter beauty will keep my spirits up for as long as they last indoors; I seared the stem in a centimetre of boiling water for a few seconds which will hopefully prolong it. The gorgeous flowers should continue to bloom in the garden, though, for at least another month. At the time of year when light levels are generally low, when it’s cold and when it seems an awfully long time until spring, with the added complication of one arm down, I need all the chinks of wonder I can get.

It’s lovely to be joining Cathy and the other Monday vase bloggers with my very simple offering this week. Click on the link to see more floral loveliness.

I hope January has got off to a flying start, that you’re well and you have a lovely week.

PS Thank you for your lovely comments and good wishes on my previous post. Forgive me if I don’t reply to each one individually  – it takes me so flipping long to type!

Windswept (In a Vase on Monday)

IMG_9555 IMG_9556



The wind. Storm Imogen, apparently (who comes up with these names?!). It makes me feel crotchety and unsettled when I’m indoors listening to the house making all sorts of alarming noises but quite giddy and exhilarated when I’m outdoors. After a thoroughly good stomp through the fields this morning with a good friend and our dogs I returned home feeling invigorated and ready to get on with the day. I wasn’t confident that I’d find anything much for a Monday vase but was delighted to find this beautiful hellebore by the steps at the bottom of the garden, together with the purple-blue Vinca I’ve used before, a few sprigs of stalwart ivy and one of honeysuckle.

Thanks to snowdrop enthusiasts Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and Chloris at The Blooming Garden I think we’ve narrowed down the mystery snowdrop shown in my previous post to a hybrid – Galanthus atkinsini – but, as they say, snowdrop identification is a very tricky business. It might be something else. Whatever it is, it’s beautiful. The two large plants are precariously growing out of a bank by the front steps and were being roughed up by the wind, so I snipped the remaining three flowers and brought them indoors to enjoy close up.

Thank you to Cathy for hosting In a Vase on Monday. It is a welcome prompt to get out into the garden and notice what’s growing, what’s blooming and to bring some of the beauty indoors. Do visit her blog to see her vase and links to many others around the world.