School’s out for six weeks…

Tithonia (my current favourite flower in the garden), sweet peas and Setaria ‘Lowlander’.


The long summer school holiday is finally here. Last week was a round of school performances, farewell assemblies, farewell gatherings and, well, farewells. For my daughter (and me) it was all A Bit Much. So we’ve had a few days of being quite lazy – we’ve pottered in the garden, taken the dog for walks, been to the cinema and watched far too much tv ( the weather has not been enticing us outside). We are not going away this year, so we have the challenge of fulfilling the differing expectations of two teenage boys and an 11-year-old girl while getting the things done we need to do.

The eldest boy (15) rises late and tries to avoid family contact until he wants a lift to the station or a conversation about his various social engagements. We are trying to enthuse him about potential family days out or camping trips. (‘What?! There’ll be no wifi!’) My middle child (13) has his own fitness regime all planned out (he’s been out running – with the dog!) and has embarked on various artistic endeavours. I am totally impressed by this. He can teach me a thing or two about motivation and is quite determined when he sets his mind to something.

photo 2
My son is part-way through an acrylic painting of rudbeckias. He took the photo below and transferred it to my iPad so he had it close at hand for reference. I love his bold brushstrokes and colour mixes.

This is the photo he's copying from.

My daughter has been trying to get us organised. She has made a ‘Summer Holidays’ wall calendar and we’ve been making plans. Other than that she’s been helping me in the garden (a little) and painting her nails (a lot).

photo 1
A handful of recent pickings from the garden. The tomatoes and autumn raspberries are starting to ripen, the strawberries are nearly over and this is the first cucumber. I’m pretty chuffed with this and probably picked it a little too soon (it was delicious though).

Here’s to some sunshine, warmth and happy days ahead.