December sunshine


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Despite all my positive intentions, I’ve spent the past 10 days or so in a fug of fedupness (I know that is not a word). No progress has been made on the crochet front, few lists have been written and no sketches made. I’ve definitely had a dose of gloomy-itis and cabin-fever which has not been helped by the dull, low-light days. I’m missing my long walks with the dog, the dog is missing our long walks and we’ve both been moping. Friends have called in for coffee, which has kept me this side of very fed-up indeed, and I have been out of the house, but there has been no stomping across the cliffs and fields. A good stomp is part of my daily routine and I miss it. Never mind. Only four more weeks and the toe should be good to go. And, hooray, today is a glorious sunshine-y day. A stroll/hobble around the garden with my camera made me feel much perkier. I do love the shadows, shapes and colours in this winter sunshine. It’s so sunny that I was even inspired to clean the kitchen windows which has made me feel very virtuous and everything suddenly looks a lot brighter!