And breathe… it’s the weekend


A glorious early morning dog walk today rounded off one of those weeks where I wonder how on earth I’d manage if I worked full time. I take my hat off to mothers who do. The children have needed a lot of Sorting Out: one son was badly tackled in a rugby match and needed a trip to hospital and a day at home (mild concussion), the other son seems to be having an existential crisis (looming mock GCSEs) and my daughter has thrown herself into secondary school life and has a complicated calendar of after-school activities. I am quite exhausted by it all. David was home today so I hopped on the train to London to catch up with a couple of friends. We chatted about our children (inevitably), where we’d eventually like to live and amusing celebrity encounters. It was completely lovely to see them but Covent Garden, where we met, was overwhelmingly busy and it was a relief to come home.





24 thoughts on “And breathe… it’s the weekend

  1. Sam, wonderful girl – can you collate all of your posts into a glorious book of incredible words and photos. I can’t get over the quality, the surprise, the sheer beauty of what you have done. It’s just made me smile over and over.


  2. Your scenery is just spectacular Sam, although I think I may have said that once before! Family life is busy isn’t it? I have never been to London but I can only imagine how busy it must be. I am sure you are always relieved to return to the wide open spaces.


  3. I live in London and I totally agree with you, Sam! I never go to the West End or Covent Garden if I can help it, preferring to stay up near Hampstead Heath and use my local shops. I also love escaping to the Hampshire coast or to visit relatives in the countryside near Oxford and I always sigh with relief on ‘escaping’ from London. Anyone have a spare cottage they’d like to loan me? :o) x
    PS. Here’s hoping for some more of those fabulous blue skies!


    1. The busy parts of London are crazy, Caro, so I’m not surprised you stay locally. It is a brilliant city for many reasons but I’m pleased I no longer live there. If I had a spare cottage, you’d be welcome to it!


  4. It is had to believe we used to live and work in London. Even driving into Kingston the other day came as a shock. I do enjoy the buzz of London but I’m always relieved to get home.


  5. Gorgeous views. I enjoy the buz of visiting a city every now and then, but I always heave a huge sigh of relief when I get back to the island. In fact, nowadays even a small town takes me a little by surprise!


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