Five on Friday and one year on

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One  There must have been a massive downpour last night. Water was running off the fields and streaming onto the main road this morning; there were rivulets of soil and leaves along the lanes, and big puddles everywhere. It was also distinctly soggy underfoot on my way down to the beach with the dog. I walk there more and more these days, pulled by the sound of the waves on the pebbles and the possibility of being the only person there. I wasn’t there long before a couple arrived with two very energetic spaniels and a portly man pitched up with two equally portly labradors. He stopped halfway to the water’s edge, stripped down to his shorts, donned a swimming cap and gloves, then bounded into the sea. Yes, really. It may be a gloriously sunny day but that sea is blinking freezing. He wasn’t even wearing a wetsuit. Bonkers. He swam along close to the shore while his dogs, obviously more sensible than he is, ran along the beach barking. Probably telling him there was no way they would be joining him.

Two  Spring is most definitely in the air here in our coastal plot. I watched a pair of blue tits checking out the old nest box in the cherry tree earlier. It would be lovely to have birds nesting in it but our two city-turned-seaside moggies will probably deter them and, anyway, I’d hate the cats to catch any fledglings (the mice, shrews and other assorted creatures are bad enough). Alfie spends a lot of his time down by the pond and during our first summer here, he kept bringing a newt into the kitchen. He would catch the newt, carefully carry it up to the house and deposit it gently on to the kitchen floor. I’d scoop the still-very-much-alive newt into a tub of water and take it back to the pond. This happened several times over the course of a couple of weeks and I’m sure it was the same newt each time.

Three  You can almost hear the plants growing in the garden. Buds are swelling on the fruit trees; gorgeous blue grape hyacinth flowers are studding the path edges; tulip and narcissus bulbs are shooting up; and crinkled rhubarb leaves are pushing through the soil. It’s all heart-swellingly life-affirming. The primroses I picked for my ‘In a Vase on Monday’ are still looking lovely. I forgot to tell you about their scent – they smell deliciously honey-like which is something I’d not noticed before I picked them. I’ve photographed them next to an apple to show you how tiny the little jug is.

Four  I’ve been working my way through last weekend’s sourdough loaf. David has got into a great routine of weekend bread-baking. Sometimes bagels, sometimes baguettes, always a sourdough loaf or two. I’ve taken some photos of him in action and he’s ‘thinking about’ writing a guest post about his new passion. Watch this space.

Five  Wordpress informed me a couple of days ago that I’ve been blogging for one whole year. More often than not, I am late to the party (in all senses of the phrase) and I’ve read that many people think that blogging may have had its day, whatever that means. Well, as far as I’m concerned, it’s still relevant, hugely  enjoyable and creatively satisfying. I love reading your blogs and making connections. I have laughed out loud, been inspired, had a lump in my throat, been full of admiration and learnt a lot. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and thank you for your friendship.

I’m once again joining Amy for her Five on Friday weekly round-up. Do pop over to see her and for links to many other Fives from around the world.





36 thoughts on “Five on Friday and one year on

  1. Congratulations on blogging for one year. You certainly have a great talent for photography, beautiful pictures. I can’t believe someone was swimming so early in the season, it makes me cold just thinking about it.


  2. A whole year of blogging, that’s brilliant, happy blogaversary, I’m so very glad to have found your space. It would be lovely to have birds nesting wouldn’t it, I’m hopeful for our little bird box. Would love to see a guest post on sourdough, that would be really interesting. Wishing you a good weekend Sam. CJ xx


  3. My mother has one of those new fangled nestboxes with a camera and though it feels a little voyeuristic, it’s lovely to watch.
    Expecting to hear next week that you’ve joined the portly man for a swim. 🙂


  4. Congratulations on your blogversary! I don’t think blogs have had their day – as long as people continue to post, others will read. I view my blog as a sort of journal and if people want to comment, that’s lovely and an added bonus. I enjoy being part of the Blogland community; ‘meeting’ new people and making connections with people in other countries.
    Here’s to more Happy Blogging!
    Have a good weekend
    Best wishes


  5. Congratulations Sam – it has flown hasn’t it. So much bird activity here too and I would love to read a post by David on sourdough bread making. Mine died due to neglect I’m sad to report but I will start again as the bread is delicious and the equivalent in Waitrose is £2.75 or more! Have a great weekend. Sarah x


  6. I love your description of things growing… Exactly what I was feeling but couldn’t articulate. That’s one of the nicest things about blogging, I think; just knowing somebody, somewhere feels just the same as I do.
    Making sourdough is on my must-try list so I do hope you convince your baker to guest post!


  7. Happy Blogaversary!!! Here’s to many more great years of blogging!! So glad to have found you. I could miss meeting the man who went swimming though as I think that he must be a bit bonkers! Thank you for sharing at Five On Friday, hope you have a great weekend. xx


  8. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary. I too have been dismayed to hear people say that blogs are done – I am always behind the times! But as long as there are a few good souls staying behind with me, I’m happy. I do enjoy your blog and hope you stay with it. Incidentally, your beach swimmer reminds me of an organization we have here in Chicago called the Polar Bear Club, which gathers once every winter to jump into Lake Michigan. Here’s a link.


  9. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary, I have only been blogging just 18 months, it does open up a whole new world to you with bloggers from all over the world, you can learn so much. This is one of the real plusses of the internet.


  10. A lovely five. Blogging is very much alive in my view. Having recently started I’m amazed at what a friendly community it is. I’m still chuckling at the thought of the man having a swim brrrrrr. Have a great weekend. Bx


  11. I’m sitting here shivering wrapped up in a fleece and you’re talking of someone swimming in the sea? Crazy stuff.
    Many congratulations on your year of blogging. Most people who start don’t make it that far, it’s quite an achievement. And you’ve always got something interesting to say. Looking forward to the next year.


  12. I can’t imagine swimming at this time of year, even if were a heated pool, let alone the ocean–BRRRR.
    Love sourdough bread.


  13. Happy blog Birthday Sam. I love visiting. I don’t even swim in the sea in the height of summer and consider swimming in March sheer madness… Alistair and I were checking our bird boxes today on our walk. There is a lot of bird activity just now. Have a lovely Sunday. x

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  14. That first photo-oh my, it makes we want to be by the sea, no wonder you love to walk there. Portly man made me smile. Perhaps the portliness enables the march-time-swimming? Our voles love nibbling primroses :-). Congrats on your anniversary. I love reading your blog. And am definitely up for a guest post on bread making. I have just discovered spelt flour and am making loaves for breakfast- it is delicious and (bonus) v healthy xx


  15. Blogging as a trend may be past its heyday, but people who buck trends are by far the most interesting, don’t you think? I love your blog and look forward to your second year!

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  16. So sorry for my delay in congratulating you! A year on – can hardly believe it. I’m enjoying your blog a lot Sam. Who cares whether we’re on or off trend, so long as we’re enjoying writing and others are enjoying reading (as we clearly are, judging from the comments)!

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