In a Vase on Monday: gratitude

DSC_1040DSC_1035DSC_1042DSC_1034Although we are all having to adjust our lives on a daily (even hourly) basis and cope with increasing restrictions on our movements, I am thanking my lucky stars right now that we have a garden, where spring is definitely happening, and a view of the sea. Never have I felt so fortunate.

I had the day off today. David and I are working from home, but I had a day’s annual leave to take before the end of March and today seemed as good a day as any and it has been lovely having an extended weekend. I was hanging washing on the line this morning, listening to a robin in full, clear beautiful song in a nearby tree. For a moment, I forgot about the alternative reality we currently find ourselves in. These moments of joy will become more and more precious as the weeks turn into months of restrictions.

Anyway… On to the simple pleasure of flowers and IAVOM, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden’s weekly blog gathering. After a wander around the garden, I decided on a mostly blue theme because there are loads of grape hyacinths popping up everywhere. Joining these are some Cerinthe major (which has been growing throughout the winter – it loves it here), twigs of flowering rosemary, a snapdragon stem (Antirrhinum majus ‘Appleblossom’, which has also been in bloom in a sheltered spot almost constantly since it was planted last summer), a few forget-me-nots (for added blue) and some ivy tendrils.

And here’s a close-up of the beautiful bunch of tulips and roses my children gave me for Mother’s Day yesterday:


Keep safe, my friends, and I hope you find your moments of joy, whether it’s birdsong, flowers, or whatever floats your boat, as often as possible.


11 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: gratitude

  1. Your statement ‘These moments of joy will become more and more precious as the weeks turn into months’ is so true and we must hang onto them for our own sanity. I love your little collection of spring bits and pieces and interestingly I had a rogue Appleblossom appear in a pot over winter too. Thanks for sharing your vase and thoughts today and I hope you can squeeze more vases in now you are working from home for the time being – it has been lovely to have you popping in again


  2. what a lovely post. thank you ever so much for sharing and taking some time to bring smiles to us out here. enjoy your garden and this will not be forever. cheers


  3. I love your spring flower arrangements – you pick such beautiful colours. I often think how lucky you are to have a view of the sea but never more than now!
    Keep grabbing those moments of joy. Anne x


  4. I am also very grateful for having a garden, it is an oasis of new beginnings just now, wonderful. One day at the time seems like a good approach. Stay safe and please do share your lovely bouquets, they bring joy to all your readers.


  5. So lovely to see your flowers. I can’t believe that your cerinthe makes it through the winter. Mine was blackened and killed off by frost in October. Nothing much makes it through the winter here, although some marigolds have just managed to hang on. I will return and gaze at these flowers as a change from gazing out at snow on the hills!


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